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What People are saying

Liat is wonderful!
After our relocation, I lost a lot of weight and I got sick very often, so I turned to acupuncture, and got warm recommendations about her. Through a few very pleasant meetings, Liat helped me regain my health and my weight, and get my immune system back on track, which is exactly what I hoped for.

The sessions themselves were lovely, calm and filled with laughter, which was great. I was really looking forward to them! It has been a year now, and my health and weight have never been better. To anyone in doubt, I highly recommend Liat, which helped me a lot with her expertise and support, and always with a true smile.
— Reshef S.
I’ve been seeing Liat for cosmetic acupuncture. My face looks like it has stopped aging. The brown spots are lighter and wrinkles are less prominent.
Whenever I come back from a treatment, people comment on how much my skin glows.

Liat is caring, compassionate, and very approachable; the time flies by when I’m there. I love that I get two treatments in one–“regular” acupuncture to treats what ails me and cosmetic acupuncture to stop the clock from aging my skin.
— Amy G.
I went to see Liat with acute back pains during a very stressful period. Liat was amazing from the get go and managed to help me get my back in a better shape from the first visit. I felt better with every visit and with Liat’s attentive care, reduce my stress level and back pains and increase my ability to focus.

I wholeheartedly recommend choosing Liat as your Acupuncturist as she remarkable at her job and is a joy to be around.
— Allan V.
During the grueling fertility treatments, I was lucky to have Liat come into my life. Liat has saved me through acupuncture and relaxation and releasing the tremendous mental stress I was in. Liat was always very tender and understanding and brought a smile to my face throughout the whole process.

There is no doubt that the meetings with her helped me deal with the treatment, and more than that, I have no doubt that Liat was a major part of our success in getting pregnant and eventually getting blessed with a beautiful baby boy.

Thank you!
— Anat L. F.
Liat is an amazing acupuncturist, she ‘reads’ your body and your soul as a whole and that enables her to give the most accurate and perfect treatment.
Every member of my family was treated by her (parents & children) for: back pains, ear infection and autoimmune illness.

We say THANK YOU Liat for all the caring and amazing healing you’ve given us.
— Vered H.K.
I came to Liat after my third pregnancy. I’m afraid of needles and wasn’t sure how I’ll handle it.

It was Amazing!

Liat, with her gentle touch, her calm and professional attitude, helped me to deal with my fear of needles. After every treatment I felt so peaceful and calm. It is very clear that Liat knows what she is doing, and she finds the way to make you comfortable.

I definitely recommend Liat! Even if you are afraid of needles like me, she will help you with her special way!
— Liat Z.
Dealing with a chronic digestive system disease is a challenge. Being a firm believer in western medicine I came to Liat with my share of doubts –
she made me a believer. After receiving a diagnosis from my doctor that I will have to take 8 pills a day for the rest of my life in order to keep my disease in remission, I came to Liat. With incredible sensitivity and phenomenal level of professionalism I am now well into my second year of remission with no drugs at all!!

I can’t thank her enough and recommend anyone who is looking to improve their well being and health to reach out and enjoy the amazing care Liat provides.
— Michelle S.
During my second pregnancy I suffered from a really bad allergic reaction. The doctors could not diagnose the cause and due to the fact that I was pregnant, I could not take any allergy medicine (besides Benadryl which didn’t work and only made me drowsy).

Luckily Liat was there, not only with her magic touch, but was also very sensitive to my needs and condition. After a few sessions with Liat, I felt a huge relief and the symptoms were gone.

I highly recommend Liat not just as a professional, but also as a caring person with a very positive attitude.
— Keren R.